Yolk Byte Design is now BRANDING HATCH

Yolk Byte Design is now BRANDING HATCH

We have a new name, “Branding Hatch.” Formerly called Yolk Byte, we renamed the company Branding Hatch. The name signifies our roots in graphic arts, branding and corporate identity.

Our new name, Branding Hatch better reflects our capabilities, and what we do.

Our name change also coincided with our move to beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Branding Hatch has a unique central location to serve three major markets, Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison.

We are really excited and looking forward to working with our existing and new clients.

Yolk Byte is Run by an Apple Alumni

Yolk Byte is Run by an Apple Alumni

Over the last 25 years, Apple is one of the most iconic and visually impressive brands in the world. With a global installation base, instant brand recognition and over $200 billion in the bank, Apple is a successful company.

Did you know that Yolk Byte includes a slice of Apple in our DNA? Founded by Troy Yilmaz, he worked for Apple for nearly five years. First as a business specialist at one of Apple’s newly opened and busiest stores in Miami. Then, as a campus rep for Apple in Broward College, in Fort Lauderdale. Apple had awarded him with a full scholarship to study graphic design. 

He brings beautiful simplicity in design and elegant stying to every logo and branding initiative. We are proud and lucky to have Troy lead our visual design team and help our clients raise their brand awareness.

Trip down the memory lane…

Troy in the stock room. Apple Aventura Store

Troy working as a campus rep at Broward College. Demo day.

Troy & co-workers. Apple Aventura Store

Our First Networking Event: Taste of Accion

Our First Networking Event: Taste of Accion

“Hello world, Yolk Byte has arrived!”

On November 10th, Troy attended our first ever networking event: Taste of Accion. The event took place at the magnificent Chicago Cultural Center, Preston Bradley Hall.

There were a lot of good food, drinks and good music. Keynote speaker was Larry Levy, who is the Founder and a Managing Partner of Levy Family Partners. Larry shared his inspirational story of his humble beginnings as the son of immigrant parents.

It was very energizing to meet and talk to other small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups, just like us… We are looking forward to the next event in 2016.