At Branding Hatch, We apply collaborative methods to deliver brand strategies and experiences across all mediums. We never start with a cart blanche and always involve the client, virtually with each step. We listen, learn and understand our clients to create beautifully simple, meaningful and useful solutions.

Below is a case study for White Oak Interiors.

Design Brief

We work closely with our clients to create a design brief that clearly outlines the scope of the project, deliverables, timing and the budget.

Research & Discovery

We spend ample to time learn about or clients, their business goals, target markets, competitors and their challenges.

Brainstorm, Develop Concepts & Moodboarding

After the initial research, we develop a few key concepts and visual elements. This may include typeface usage as the voice of the brand, color schemes, visual styles, icons, photography styles and more, to establish the look and feel of the brand. We present a moodboard to ensure all parties are on the same page, to gather feedback and to have a clear direction.

Initial moodboard for White Oak Interiors branding.

Retain a Concept to Further Develop

We explore different concepts and directions during the brainstorming process, we retain the best visual design and solution that captures the essence of our client’s brand and works across all mediums. From our experience, this is the best approach that allows us to come up with the best solution early on and not waste time on weaker, lesser options.

Final Delivery

Alongside a logo, there are several other visual elements that make up a brand and together they create the visual identity. Visual identity design will determine what these elements look like, and how they are used and applied across all of the touch points.


Secondary Logo

Stacked version. To be used in for limited spaces. Or for square shaped spaces such as profile pictures for Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Favicon can be used as a profile pciture



Icon Development

Residential Design


Furniture & Accessories


Commercial Deign


Barrier Free Design


Window Treatments


Onsite Consultation